Private Judge Services

San Diego Private Judge Services

California’s family law courts are overburdened with cases, preventing family law judges from spending the proper amount of time to review and rule on complex and critical divorce issues such as child custody and child support.

Many divorcing couples are unaware that the California Constitution allows them to hire a private judge, who serves the same role as a traditional courtroom judge. Instead of being assigned a judge by the court clerk and waiting several weeks for a court date, the parties and their lawyers can agree upon a private judge to hear their case.

When parties agree on a private judge, they prepare a stipulation for appointment of private judge, which is signed by all parties and counsel, as well as the private judge. This agreement is filed with the court, at which time the private judge is vested with all of the authority of a judge appointed to a Superior Court with regard to this specific case.

Andrew S. Perkins, A Professional Law Corporation, in San Diego, California, provides all of the benefits of using a private judge in family law matters. These include:

  • Flexibility — Private judging offers additional options for timing and location of the legal proceedings.
  • Qualifications — Clients are able to select judges based on experience, personality and temperament.
  • Savings — Private judging often saves money by expediting the process.
  • Resolution — The emphasis is on settlement and compromise.
  • Confidentiality — Public notice of all hearings must still be posted, but all cases are heard in a private office instead of a public courtroom.

An Experienced La Jolla Family Law Attorney

The importance of having your case heard by a judge who understands the complexities of family law issues cannot be undersold. I have three decades of experience advocating on behalf of Southern Californians in the full scope of family law matters.

Attorneys and clients alike appreciate the lack of formality of private judging hearing. For most, it is a more humanizing approach to what can be an extremely stressful experience. Many believe that conducting hearings in a more informal setting eases tensions and creates a more cooperative tone.

To learn more about the benefits of using a San Diego private judging attorney, call 619-696-9922 or use my contact form to schedule an appointment.